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About Leofoo

Leofoo Story

The “Leofoo Tourism Group” was established in 1968.
In ancient China, there was a saying of five auspicious fortunes, which are:
prosperity, longevity, health, maintaining good deeds, etc.
During the early stages for the Group’s establishment, we wanted to offer our guests with a comprehensive experience during travel, that included: warm, enthusiastic sharing, gracious hospitality, elaborate gourmet feast and thoughtful services, etc, offering everyone in the modern day the sixth auspicious quality, and this was how the name “Leofoo” (meaning 6 auspicious fortunes) came about.
The Leofoo Tourism Group is consisted of a diverse range of enterprises, with multi-faceted, diversified management, which fuses fashionable trends with internationalized qualities to further the comprehensive development of tourism and travel industry. The Group aspires to provide consumers with more exquisite and in-depth services and diversified, premium products.

The Group's Brands:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Taipei --- International Hotel Chain
  • Leofoo Village --- Asia's First Large-Scale Theme Park that combines a Wildlife Safari Park
  • Leofoo Hotel --- Classical Chinese Style Business Hotel
  • Leofoo Residences --- Apartment-Style Boutique Hotel
  • Leofoo Resort Guanshi --- Ecological Resort Hotel that offers close contact with animals
  • Leofoo Water Park --- Taiwan's only Water Theme Park in Greek Ambiance
  • Elite Bakery --- Tastes of World-class Baking
  • Elite Concept --- Aesthetic Conceptual Brand