The “Leofoo Tourism Group” was established in 1968.
In ancient China, there was a saying of five auspicious fortunes, which are:
prosperity, longevity, health, maintaining good deeds, etc.
During the early stages for the Group’s establishment, we wanted to offer our guests with a comprehensive experience that included: warm, enthusiastic sharing, gracious hospitality, elaborate gourmet feast and thoughtful services, etc, offering everyone in the modern day the sixth auspicious quality, and this was how the name “Leofoo” (meaning 6 auspicious fortunes) came about.
The Leofoo Tourism Group is consisted of a diverse range of enterprises, with multi-faceted, diversified management, which fuses fashionable trends with internationalized qualities to further the comprehensive development of tourism and travel industry. The Group aspires to provide consumers with more exquisite and in-depth services and diversified, premium products.

The Group’s Brands include:

Courtyard by Marriott Taipei ----Courtyard by Marriott Taipei
Classical Chinese Style Business Hotel ----Leofoo Hotel
Apartment-Style Boutique Hotel ----Leofoo Residences
Ecological Resort Hotel that offers close contact with animals ---- Leofoo Resort Guanshi
Tastes of World-class Baking ----- Elite Bakery
Aesthetic Conceptual Brand ----Elite Concept
Asia’s First Large-Scale Theme Park that combines a Wildlife Safari Park -----Leofoo Village
Taiwan’s only Water Theme Park in Greek Ambiance -----Leofoo Water Park

management philosophy

Leofoo Tourism Group’s management philosophy consists of comprehensive development of the tourism and travel industry, as well as fusing modern trendiness and internationalized, unique characteristics to provide customers with exquisite, in-depth and diversified products of premium caliber.
We also strive to provide a joyous, caring and exceptional environment for our guests, co-workers and cooperating partners.